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From business operations to efficiency solutions,Galt CPA has comprehensive consulting services to help your business improve profitability and decrease cost.



Consulting Services

Boost the bottom line

There's no such thing as "too early to plan for retirement" - if you want to live the same or even a better lifestyle than you live now - then start planning for retirement now!


Retirement Planning

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Full-Service Accounting Services in Galt, CA

With over 25 years of experience, our team has the right knowledge to provide the best accounting services. Call today to receive your FREE estimate!



Former IRS Auditor

Welcome to Galt CPA. We provide services for individual and corporate taxes and services to solve a broad range of tax issues. If you are looking for an accountant in Galt, CA, we have a proven track record of handling complex issues and producing effective solutions for our clients, often saving them a significant amount of money ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Working with an experienced forensic and CPA in Galt, CA with more than 25 years of experience is a worthwhile investment for your future. Our owner has specialized training and advanced education, including a Master’s degree in Accountancy and 10 years of experience conducting investigations and audits for the Internal Revenue Service.


At Galt CPA, we offer a broad range of services for your individual or corporate tax. Our services include preparation of your tax return, annual tax planning for federal income tax, litigation support, negotiations with the IRS, bookkeeping, QuickBooks clean up, set up and training, research, financial statement preparation, and help with your audit in Galt, CA.


Whether you need an accountant for income tax in Galt, CA, tax analysis, income estimation, or litigation support, we offer effective solutions to your problems to help you save money, navigate conflicts, and make important decisions for the future. Please contact Galt CPA today at 209-745-8940 or 916-224-0811 for all your personal or business tax needs.

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